8 Opinions

Last week on the first night of the graduate class I teach, I asked the 8 students in attendance what their opinion was on today’s teaching ministry of the church. To gather their thoughts I used a brainstorming device called brainwriting (where group members generate ideas silently and in writing on index cards, with each member writing down one idea per card and passing it on to stimulate new ideas for the next person.)

Their opinions follow on the current state of today’s teaching ministry of the church:

  • One way
  • Fun
  • All surface
  • Not Challenging
  • Filling minds over application.
  • Too many stories, not enough teaching
  • Struggling to be relevant, and not sure how to be
  • Meek, mild, & topical
  • Not dynamic–flat
  • Boring
  • “Teachers” who don’t know how to teach
  • Teachers who don’t have a vision for teaching
  • Typically Type A teachers–structured rather than creative
  • Talk at, no discussion
  • Too much emphasis on paid staff providing teaching services.
  • Vastly different expectations between teachers & students.
  • Lethargic
  • Age-group/demographic, specific classes
  • Student participation without the authenticity
  • Struggling to find the balance between real life and basic teaching
  • Maintaining a biblical foundation
  • Having a painstaking effort to communicate the Bible in an increasingly uninterested culture.
  • A country-club mentality.
  • A place where Jesus wouldn’t want to spend his time.
  • Empty jargon–our own meaningless catechism.

QUESTION:  If we investigate Jesus’ teaching, the response wasn’t always favorable.  In fact, some didn’t like what he had to say, or how he said it at all.  Could we then assume this is the same situation found here with  this dissatisfaction towards today’s teaching ministry of the church?


~ by Dave Smith on January 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “8 Opinions”

  1. Not sure I understand your question.

    I would think for those who responded to Jesus’ teaching negatively the fault would lie with the listener (Matt 13:11-17).

    While I see these observations as an inditement (sp?) on the church itself and its teachers – i.e. “…opinions follow on the current state of today’s teaching ministry of the church.”

    I see a bit of our culture in the backdrop of these opinions. Ours is a culture of success…and intuitively we know the Christian population in the U.S. is declining…which we see as failure.

    We’re looking to blame someone, and who best than to point the finger at those pastors who “water down their teaching”?

  2. Yea, I see the same difference too.

    As for your closing statement, that is very interesting, and gets to the root of our human nature with these matters.

    I did find it interesting that those creating the list would not throw themselves in with those description (however I wonder if we are all to blame on this one if it is true?)

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