Bitter As Honey

I decided to connect with my former grunge days and pick up the latest and 9th CD from Mudhoney. I have always had a distant admiration for their music in light of their direct inspiration towards Kurt Cobain. The disc was pretty good, with some lyrics that provided me some healthy dissonance. Here are two excerpts:

The Lucky Ones
I’m overwhelmed and I don’t know where to start
I tried to cut out the ugliness living in my heart
They tell me I’m lucky, lucky to be alive
Well I don’t feel luck and nothing feels right…

If this is what it means to be saved
You can take my place just give me your grave

The Open Mind
There’s so much more you can see with you eyes closed
Real ain’t real, no more than truth is true, it’s just bought and sold
All the leaders are leading blind
Stumbling wildly, crushing lives
The open mind in an empty mind, so I keep mine closed.

There’s no telling who you could be if you refuse to go
Free yourself and leave behind the ugly load
All the preachers are preaching lies
They promise salvation then steal your life
The open mind is an empty mind, so I keep mine closed.

While painfully plodding on the treadmill, these lyrics pounded in my mind begging the questions:

“Am I living a life that illustrates what a ‘saved’ life ought to live like?” “What lies am I preaching through my personal opinions (eisegesis) and inconsistent lifestyle?” “Do I add to Christ’s salvation, stealing the true, free life meant to be lived?”


~ by Dave Smith on January 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Bitter As Honey”

  1. Indeed. What lies have we all preached? These lyrics could have been written by a young girl I’ve been working with. Her father was a pastor before he was struck with a chronic, debilitating illness. Her mother now works far too many hours to support the family. Her boyfriend hung himself a month ago. She feels that Christianity is a lie. She says that God has never answered any of her prayers. She copes by writing dark poetry and cutting her arms and legs.

    I think as Christians we sold her the lie that our Lord was the God of provision. It’s not that that’s not true, it is that we define provision incorrectly. We try to “sell” Christ to people by promising them that their lives will be wonderful if they only believe. You don’t have to preach “health and wealth” to make promises on God’s behalf. Jesus never said that we wouldn’t suffer. He never promised that he would make life easier. Think about it – for most of Christendom there wasn’t even pain killer. In many cultures parents regularly bury their children. Only in America do we sell a God who will make your life rosie.

    I think these lyrics, extreme though they may be, echo what many people believe.

  2. Hey Tracy,

    Really good life-examples. Thanks for sharing.

    I heard you were going to be in my Trinity class, but then had to drop! Bummer. Would have loved to have you in the mix.

    Hope you are well.

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