An Un-Ruly Letter

letterA few months ago I stumbled across a letter written by my father to the owner of the 1975 Phillies, Robert “Ruly” Carpenter III.

As my dad was a die-hard baseball player and Phillies lover, he was apparently at his limit with the coaching quality of the Phillies, and felt there was no other solution than for him to step in as manager.

The letter begins:

Dear Ruly:

I have wanted to write this letter for some time, but driving home tonight listening to the game, I realized it was a must now. Let’s get to the point; in six words—“I want to manage the Phillies!”…

The letter goes on from there and can be read in its entirety HERE.

I am not sure why he never sent it. Maybe he came to the realization that it was just too much of a long shot? Maybe just writing the letter provided all the therapy he needed over his dismay of the Fighten’ Phils? Either way I am glad this dream never panned-out as it would have taken away one of God’s gifts to my brother and I: Dad coaching us throughout our childhood and teen years from Little League to semi-pro ball.

So what letters are you needing to write or type? Just to get it off your chest or to actually send with hopes of change? They just might help give clarity, reframe reality, and release those frustrations with “the man.”


~ by Dave Smith on February 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “An Un-Ruly Letter”

  1. That is an awesome letter. I wish he’d sent it!

  2. Yea, it looks like he never quite finished it. Maybe his four-year-old son interrupted him. Probably all my fault!

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