Persuasive Points

A few good persuasion techniques on how to stay connected to your audience and link them to your idea.

Make it Vivid: People respond to ideas that are easy to visualize because they can be recalled more readily.
Use Demonstrations and Symbolic Actions: Nothing is more vivid than an object your audience can see and touch or an experience they can feel.
Put Your Heart Into It: Conviction convinces.
Tell a Story: Audiences have a much easier time following you when you proceed from a specific example to a general point than they do when you proceed the other way around.
Personalize It: Alluding to specific, real people facing actual problems and experiencing concrete feelings and thoughts turns your audience’s imagination on like a light bulb.
Make it a Puzzle: People like puzzles because they pose mental challenges. A question like, “which is more important: customer satisfaction or brand awareness?” presents a good puzzle.
Build Bridges with Analogies and Metaphors: These are excellent devices to make your pitch memorable because they build conceptual bridges.
Force Your Audience to Think: Jar your audience by questioning the obvious, thinking about things in an opposite fashion, getting them to dream, and then reconceptualize.

(from The Art of Woo, chapter eight)


~ by Dave Smith on February 11, 2009.

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