Philosophy of Education and Leadership

As the two primary aspects of my church role are education and leadership, I have sometimes been asked about my personal philosophy concerning both areas. First, I believe there needs to be a healthy balance of my theological and social science assumptions filtered through a biblical grid to form my philosophy. An example of how I view this strategic balance can be seen in the following model:


With God’s word as the foundation, I must integrate truth from axiology (“the way”), epistemology (“the truth”), and metaphysics (“the life”) to the point of proper balance, creating a quality, “stereo sound” for the best expression of my leadership and educational practices (though I many times fall dreadfully short of my hoped and planned expectations).

An outlined example of how these presuppositions influence my educational and leadership philosophy can be found HERE.

For an even deeper expression of my personal theological and social science presuppositions, you can read them in paragraph form HERE.

As these documents reveal how I have gone about determining my personal philosophy of education and leadership, I encourage you to take the time to think through how Scripture can and should influence the key roles of your life. Though it may feel like you are doing homework, it can bring greater clarity and spiritual meaning to your daily actions.


~ by Dave Smith on February 22, 2009.

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