Worship as Evangelism

In an age where the worship wars are growing stronger than ever before, considerable conversation has circled around the concept of “worship evangelism.” Consider reading the following two positions and summarize your integrated response.

Worship guru and pastevangelism worship” proponent, Sally Morgenthaler confesses to a decade of teaching an imbalance worship model and speaks towards a new direction for churches to take. You can view the article HERE, or download it at:  nancybeach.typepad.com/nancy_beach/files/morgenthaler_article.pdf

Ecclesiastical thinker & practitioner, Tim Keller presents his case for churches to conduct “evangelism worship,” using some key scriptural principles as a grid for corporate worship arrangement. You can view the article HERE, or download it at:  http://www.redeemer2.com/resources/papers/evangelisticworship.pdf

So what do you think? Who is right and who is wrong…or are they both right and/or wrong? And your philosophy of the corporate worship gathering is…?


~ by Dave Smith on February 26, 2009.

3 Responses to “Worship as Evangelism”

  1. To be honest (and very brief, in a hurry):

    I think worship services are primarily about a handful of things, and I don’t think evangelism is primary.

    I think worship is first and foremost about worship, about giving vocal, communal expression to our felt gratefulness.

    Second, I think it is a time for believers to be equipped, empowered, instructed, and sometimes rebuked through teaching/preaching.

    Third, I think it’s a time to rally around the church’s mission in the world; a time to revitalize and refocus.

    While I think that whenever the gospel is preached, there is a chance for evangelism, I think that the gathering of the ekklesia is primarily about them.

  2. Great articles, both! We will use these for some great staff discussion. Thanks!

  3. Good to know they are useful!

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