Rock the Pathos

The stage presence was solid. The sound was strident. But still…there was something missing from Dead Confederate this past Wednesday.

Their Radiohead-like, “Yer Circus,” and their Nirvana-like hit, “The Rat,” were performed with quality precision and artist integrity, however they somehow lacked heart. What is it that allowed Joseph Arthur and the Lonely Astronauts to play with such sensory connection this past Halloween night, but somehow appeared void with Dead Confederate playing in the same town, and on the same stage, just a few months later?

Another reminder of how invaluable pathos is. In following Aristotle’s elements of persuasion…we can have all the ethos (credibility) and logos (logic), but unless we couple it with pathos (emotional), our message won’t fully connect, and thereby, won’t fully transform.

When I left Dead Confederate, I strolled away pleased, and admiring the band’s quality musicianship. However, when I exited the Joseph Arthur concert, I walked away transformedrenewedreborn.

Below is a special blast of pathos for us. Though Jean-Claude Van Damme would never be associated with pathos in his past performances, I think he did an amazing job capturing its essence in his latest film, JCVD. Remove yourself from Damme’s past Bloodsport imagery,” and sink yourself deep into the emotive output of this contemplative scene.

Well done Jean-Claude.


~ by Dave Smith on March 14, 2009.

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