This past Tuesday we had CCO Area Director for Northern Ohio, Bob Robinson speak to our staff about the harmful distinction of faith and work, and the failing of the church in communicating a two-chapter gospel (fall/redemption), instead of a four-chapter gospel (creation/fall/redemption/restoration).

One of the assignments Bob started us off with was to write the words “worship,” “service,” “ministry,” and “work” in each of the corners of a piece of paper. We were then asked to draw what this looked like in the spaces provided. My masterful drawing follows:


The point of the exercise was to show that in our Hellenistic leanings, we have forgotten the integrated language and holistic living of the Hebraic worldview. In the center of his paper, Bob wrote the Hebrew word, “Avad:” the Hebrew word meaning all four words (worship, service, ministry, work), understood at an interconnected level.

Another reminder that when God has our hearts, and we are focused upon His mission, there is no difference between the secular and sacred…it’s all sacred.


~ by Dave Smith on March 15, 2009.

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