A Cult Classic

Known for his dark humor, I have always found Carey Burtt’s short, 12-minute film “Mind Control Made Easy/How to Become a Cult Leader,” to be an easy, provocative tool for teaching. For the times I have used this video, the discussion and teaching-learning outcomes have never disappointed.


~ by Dave Smith on March 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “A Cult Classic”

  1. I watched the film and I am curious what audiences you have used this with and where you go from here. What is the larger aim for a lesson which contains this piece?

  2. I have used this as a foundation to discuss the question, “What is church?” To simply ask the question, “What are contrasts and comparisons of this video do you find with your own church?” Which are healthy? Which are potentially unhealthy?

    The discussion tends to flow along the lines of freedom in Christ, the need to allow the Holy Spirit to do the transformative work and not us, the need to engage the world, while also realizing that community in the faith is key and something the outside world may never understand or question.

    I have also used this as an introductory piece in dissecting the ministry of Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda (http://www.cegenglish.com/) with high school students.

    I think in your sociology classes, it would be an interesting discussion piece…maybe tieing in the book “Snapping.”

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