Words of Wisdom

I am currently in a seminar led by my senior pastor, sharing his life and pastoral lessons over the past 40+ years of ministry.  As he is officially retiring next week, here is one of those life lessons shared today, titled, “We Walked to School.”

  1. Pastoring like shepherding is meant to be a way of life and love, not a job. (if it is a job then get out of the ministry)
  2. Good leaders care about details. (the small pixels make up the big picture)
  3. Hard, smart work goes with leading. (you can’t start a church working 35 hours a week)
  4. Common courtesies are still gold. (saying hello, holding a door, the small things)
  5. Vision for growth never overlooks the needs and tastes of the people who call and pay you to have a vision for growth. (incremental, owned change)
  6. There are many times in life when a priority list does not work. (sometimes needs trump your guidelines)
  7. Listening is one great way to learn. (listen with a few people, lead when there are many)

For a look at his seminar notes you can download them HERE.


~ by Dave Smith on May 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “Words of Wisdom”

  1. Give Knute my best … maybe he’ll remember how I schooled him on the bball court.

  2. what ben said.

  3. Oh man…are you bringing up that one blocked shot you had on him?

    When you are coming out again Joel? This Friday?

    Ben…you schooled us all.

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