Measuring Influence

In Dave Kinnanman‘s article, How Big is Your Small, he outlines 10 key lessons he’s learned about influence and the measuring of it:

  1. Influence begins with humility and ends with faithfulness. (“We are only influential because God chooses to use us.”)
  2. Measuring influence means defining goals. (“You have to have a clear concept of what it means to influence people.”)
  3. Influence is hard to measure. (“How do you quantify a person’s spirituality?”)
  4. Influence can be measured. (“If you think about it, pray about it, rely on the wisdom of others, use good research methods, and work at it, you can come up with a good snapshot of what is working and what’s not working.”)
  5. Influence should be measured. (“We have to be committed to looking at our influence diligently and dispassionately in oder to grow as leaders.”)
  6. Your influence metrics should not become the goal. (“Influence is a result of God’s blessing, not our set of choices.”)
  7. Tracking influence costs time, money, and energy. (“The truth hurts.”)
  8. Measuring your influence is courageous. (“Willow’s Reveal.”)
  9. Don’t mistake quantity of influence for depth of influence. (“Our best hope should be to influence, deeply, the lives of those closest to us.”)
  10. True influence equips people to minister; it doesn’t do the job for them. (“The truth is because we are so focused on influencing everyone, we fail to really influence the most important people that God has brought along to be our disciples.”)

So when it comes to influence, church leaders must recognize that though most of their people will never count them as their most influential spiritual leader, they can still create systems by which the church as a whole is making the most effective influence it can with the resources, time, and energy allotted to them.  Easier said than done.


~ by Dave Smith on May 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Measuring Influence”

  1. A wise youth minister will not share the title of this article with her/her youth group.

  2. The title page artwork has a bunch of measurements and stuff on it…so it goes beyond the title.

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