An Update on “GRACE”

Someone gave me the famous picture of Enstrom’s “Grace,” for my office.  However, this morning I had to follow my heart with a painting project and give it a much needed update prior to hanging:



~ by Dave Smith on June 2, 2009.

4 Responses to “An Update on “GRACE””

  1. Dude you are so culturaly relevant man!

  2. Does that guy have a mullet?

    You should have given the background more earth tones and that way the bread and soup could have convinced me that he was sitting down for a “you pick 2” at a local Panera.

  3. Yea…not really relevant…since it sits behind a canvas of tradition!

    I will definitely have to add to it Brian. Great ideas!

  4. just so you know…that painting explains so much about you 🙂

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