The Perfect Storm

This past weekend my wife went to an estrogen conference (a.k.a. Beth Moore Conference) in Pittsburgh, PA.

Beth tackled Acts 27:13-28:31 regarding Paul’s shipwrecking experience as a passenger aboard a prisoner ship headed for Italy.  Here were Beth’s seven key anchors about this passage:

  1. Sometimes we’re in the exact spot where several storms collide (vs. 27:14).
  2. The question of fault always arises in a furious storm (vs. 20-25).
  3. The “Titanic Temptation” in a storm is to give way to it (vs. 15-20).
  4. To make it through the storm sometimes we have to cut some ropes (vs. 27-32).
  5. Our one life can invite the favor of God to many in the storm (vs. 42-44).
  6. On the other side of the perfect storm, the serpent is all bite and no venom (28:1-5).
  7. The point of every perfect storm is to see the work of God through us unhindered (28:31).

~ by Dave Smith on June 15, 2009.

6 Responses to “The Perfect Storm”

  1. Wait a tick, does that mean you listened to a woman preach?

  2. No, I just looked over my wife’s notes. I think that still makes it safe…but not sure?

  3. Lol, probably just as safe as reading the words of a woman prophetess that have become Christian Scripture (i.e., God’s word to the church).

    Is the sarcasm obvious enough? 🙂

  4. Definitely! :>)

  5. Oh Dave…I knew underneath that tough skin you were really a Beth Moore groupy all along :>)…Not a bad women to follow :>) You should really experience a Beth Moore conference …you might like it!

  6. Scott always says nothing like a good BM (Beth Moore) to help cleanse the soul 🙂 Sorry…couldn’t resist.

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