A Missed Miracle

One day while I was watching a segment of Benny Hinn where he heals people through the television screen, I got rather excited when he said the following:

(Please don’t ask me why I was video taping Benny Hinn.  I have my reasons.)

Following his statement he then went on to say how this person would be healed of their baldness.

I immediately ran to the mirror, but nothing.

Each morning I would run to the mirror…but nothing.

I then figured it out.  Someone else was healed of baldness, stealing my miracle!

Please help me find this person so I can have them recant and deliver me my well deserved healing from this catastrophic illness.


~ by Dave Smith on June 19, 2009.

3 Responses to “A Missed Miracle”

  1. Dave!! You are to funny!! Your dad will have to tune in too :>)!!!! :>) :>)

  2. It was my miracle, back off! Although it was rescinded and my baldness has returned because I failed to thank Benny Hinn i.e. send a “love gift.” Who knew?!

  3. I’ve had a full head of hair since mid June, but I did not know how it happened. Thanks for this. It answers a lot.

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