Tie Goes to the Runner

This past Saturday evening our kids were playing a sophisticated game of tag with some of the neighborhood children.  According to the game’s rules, there are multiple “bases,” however there may only be one person touching a base at a time.

So when my strong-willed daughter, Lucy (age 6), and her neighborhood friend, Andrew (age 11), both touched the telephone pole at the same time, they found themselves at an impasse.

Each child was confident that they were there first, unwilling to give up the possession of their rightfully claimed base.  After much conversation back and forth, Andrew and Lucy were unwilling to release their position.  A deadlock ensued.

Over time the game stopped.  Most kids went inside our home to watch a movie.  Others went home for dinner.  However, Lucy and Andrew stood their ground like two valiant soldiers unwilling to give ground to the enemy, hands still glued to the telephone pole (NATO would have been proud!).

After 35 minutes, and the settling in of dusk, their triumphant stalemate was soon terminated by the calling in of a babysitter and the dinner-time bell.

I am so looking forward to when Lucy’s strong-will shines its wrath upon us during those wondrous teenage years.  What a glorious day it will be!


~ by Dave Smith on July 13, 2009.

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