Nob Hill Missionary

A friend and coworker sent me a picture he took while he was in California for a short stay to conduct his brother’s wedding.  It is a picture of a male strip and adult entertainment business in Nob Hill, a small district within San Francisco (yes, the name of the business and district is uncanny and beautiful all at the same time):


So imagine God gives you a direct calling to minister to the male strippers and clientele of this establishment.

What would your initial approach be, along with your vision of where you would hope to see the ministry develop in 10 years?


~ by Dave Smith on July 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Nob Hill Missionary”

  1. Great post and can’t wait to hear the wisdom of others on it. Here are my thoughts:

    I think you have to be there full-time I would find something at least in the vicinity of this place so you can have real roots in the community. The next part is the hardest and probably most frustrating. I believe this type of ministry work is 100% relational and that means investing in the lives of those around you. You need to hang out at the local coffee shops, chat people up in lines and at stores in order to form relationships. Perhaps even join some kind of community group or club that may help you meet more people. Do the dancers work out? Me too! Join the local gym. Although often slow-going, this part is very acheivable in my opinion. Relationships take time and these could take even more time given the different background and life experience between the people involved. Once relationships deepen, I do not think this becomes any different than my friendships I have now. I would make sure everyone knew where I stood in terms of my beliefs and encourage them to read some books I am reading or perhaps even throw out the idea of a Bible Study.

    In ten years, I guess I would like to have some type of community Bible study/fellowship group. Not sure that I would want it to be any different than what I would want right here in Ohio. My friendships with these guys would not have the goal of making them stop dancing, but rather to introduce them to Christ and have fellowship with them.

    The constant in all of this would be prayer. For wisdom, patience, creativity, friendliness, humbleness…you name it. It is unfortunately cliche to some degree in the modern church, but prayer would be the most significant thing you can do to pave the way for your ministry.

  2. Brian,

    Thanks for your insight here. I think this is a real, relational approach that doesn’t place a gimmick on the gospel, but simply allows you to live it out among them.

    This post definitely calls for some thought and extra typing, so not sure how many other opinions we’ll get, but definitely appreciate your work here.

    Thanks for how you reflect what you wrote above.

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