Big Burgers, Small Winners

This past Friday my three sons and I went down to the local Metro Burger to partake in the viewing of a burger eating contest.  We were especially excited to see one of our friends, Ryan, who entered in the contest.

The main contest was to see who could first finish their 9-patty Burger-Buster, as seen below:


Ryan competed against three other University of Akron students whom I was sure he would destroy.  Ryan is one of the bigger guys I know and was about twice the size of his entire competition.


But here is the thing I forgot:  When you are a college student, you can simply eat like a pig.

Unfortunately, Ryan came in 3rd place as one contestant was disqualified for vomiting in his water pitcher (a sight that lifted my son Conner out of his seat, cheering with his arms raised in satisfaction). However, Ryan still walked away with a $100 gift certificate to Metro Burger.  Well done!

A good reminder that in the world of eating contests, size just doesn’t matter.


~ by Dave Smith on July 19, 2009.

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