Take It On Again

The New Pornographers have been on my play-list since their 2003 release of Electric Version, which forced me to dig up their 2000 Mass Romantic, while pulling in each release since then.  Now that their leader, A.C. Newman, hit the limelight with his “latest” solo album, “Get Guilty”, there are even more musical treats to choose from.

Here was his newest little project back in February, covering A-Ha’s classic, “Take on Me,” showing that some 80’s remakes can sometimes work:

I am just waiting for the day I hear a decent remake of Duran Duran’s, “Hungry Like the Wolf.”

Any 80’s tune you hope will one day be remixed, remade, re-spun and resurrected?


~ by Dave Smith on July 22, 2009.

3 Responses to “Take It On Again”

  1. I have always thought someone should do a mash-up of some kind that incorporates Rick Astley and Nirvana…it will probably never happ…what? No way! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NN75im_us4k&feature=player_embedded

  2. That is scary.

  3. Rick Astley & Nirvana. Someone has too much time on their hands… LOL

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