Junk Drawer

In a past strategy session with church leaders we were discussing all of the “extras” that a church home can have within its programmatic line up or environmental design.  Outside of the corporate worship service and small groups, there can be a plethora of options, which in this case was composed of various electives and gender-specific ministries.

It was established that these “extras” served as the church’s “junk drawer” found in every household (I personally have 10). These offerings have their need at specific times, but don’t really have a place within the strategic flow of our discipleship model.  It was determined that as every house has a junk drawer so does a church, but what went in the drawer and how each discipleship tool functioned was where strategy was needed.

What are your thoughts on this analogy?  It is bowing to the crutch of having an overcomplicated and disorganized system for discipleship, or the allowance of customized, spiritual development side-streets if and when needed?


~ by Dave Smith on August 9, 2009.

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