Ministry Mega Mix

As I have read about the mix master, Girl Talk, in Spin Magazine, it wasn’t until recently that a friend introduced me to his creative sounds and spins.

As Girl Talk elevates the continued need for revamped licensing laws, his approach, along with a documentary made about him, reiterate the current, cultural trends that reflect the Ephesians 4:12 mandate of preparing God’s people for works of service (& not the “professionals” doing all of the works of service).

As we have heard for the last several years, we have been moving from “closed” to “opensystems when it comes to organizations, information exchange, etc.  A palatable example of this would be wikipedia, apache, and/or skype.

Take a look at the first chapter of the latest documentary on Girl Talk from Open Source Cinema and notice Open Source Cinema’s collaborative approach to their film making (similar to some of the latest, self-altering tunes from NIN and Radiohead):

A few questions for the church to consider:

  • In regards to how Open Source Cinema is asking its viewers to add to the documentary, making it better, how can the church elevate the participatory level (Sweet’s E.P.I.C. again!) of its people within not only the “standardized service opportunities,” but with the more meaty leadership avenues?  How can we move them from participators of the church to creators?
  • In regards to Girl Talk, what would it look like to have a sermon series that takes some of the past classic sermons on a particular text, and mixes them into something relevant and profound?
  • Could churches end a 3-4 part sermon series with a “recap gathering,” mixing the 3-4 sermons, woven within a review-response, worship experience.
  • What if we allowed laypeople to add to each sermon prior to delivery in the same fashion they people can add to this documentary?
  • Others?


~ by Dave Smith on August 11, 2009.

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