The Wrongfulness of Death

I’ll never forget one late afternoon, sleeping on the couch after school, when I was awoken from my mom crying out the word, “No!”  My grandmother had called to say that my mom’s dad just died of a massive heart attack.  And as my family felt the crash of this news, with sobbing and weeping, I simply pretended to still be asleep on the couch, and was left alone.

Unable to know how to deal with the situation as tweener, I didn’t want to face the fact that my grand pop, whom I loved to fish and swim with, was dead.  I just didn’t want to face the reality of the moment, and thought if I could get back to sleep it would all be over in the morning.

I know what you are thinking…”This guy would make a great care pastor!  Call him with a tragedy and he oddly drops to the floor pretending to be asleep.”

Facing death as a young person is always strange and awkward…but I guess that is how it should always be.

A few months ago I was with a family in their father’s hospital room, as he breathed his last breath.  After reading some words from scripture and praying, I made the remark that this death wasn’t right…that death is unnatural, and wasn’t meant to be.  The brother of man who just died said, “That’s the first time I have heard a pastor say death isn’t right.  Thanks for saying that.”

As I am not the first pastor to say that, nor was it probably the first time he had heard that…under these circumstances, it was the first time he probably “really” heard it, and understood it.


~ by Dave Smith on August 22, 2009.

One Response to “The Wrongfulness of Death”

  1. That day is a day…Nov. 20, 1985…the whole day …that I will never forget….and yet a very precious comment from you as a tween (you just turned 14)..when we woke you (didn’t know you were faking it – you had been very sick with Strep throat) you said “I’m sorry your dad died”…sounds so simple but your eyes told it all…..the next morning ..even harder was when my brother and I had to tell my Grandmom (my father’s Mom) that her son had gone to be with Jesus…(her only other chid, my Aunt had died 10 years before)…my Grandmother died exactly three weeks later to the day…she was hospitalized the night of my Dad’s viewing and never returned to her home….This all reminds me of the “Footsteps” picture/poem..that is so popular…Jesus held us up duing those sad days and even in the midst of it all I could praise Him that my Dad did not suffer….and died doing something he enjoyed (playing cards with friends :>)))…Thank you Dave for those loving memories you have of my Dad whom I loved so much!!

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