Blogging Blunders

A recent friend who teaches at our local university sent me some communication guidelines for today’s electronic medium (developed by his graduate assistant).  To give you an idea of what these guidelines address, the introductory statement follows:

The evolution of social media has raised a number of concerns for businesses of all types.  The open nature makes it more difficult to control a company’s reputation and brand management.  There are potential Human Resource issues that emerge as employees may be inclined to spend more time using these mediums, which may be viewed as unproductive by employers.  However, companies can derive a great amount of value from social media and should be receptive to utilizing it and incorporating it into its overall marketing strategy.  The rate at which social media is developing makes it difficult to determine an all-encompassing set of policies.  These policies will inevitably evolve as social media does, but the following guidelines provide a solid foundation upon which a company can build its social media policies.

To review the procedures in their entirety, click HERE.


~ by Dave Smith on September 9, 2009.

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