Larry’s Lens on Life

Within this short, satisfying story from This American Life, we can learn much about the fingerprint of God on human nature

Larry shows us that we are worshippers.  As Larry has a shrine for VeVe, we all create shrines throughout of our lives that sometimes receive greater honor than our Creator.  We all worship, but sometimes with misaligned priorities.  We are all Larrys.

Larry shows us that we are communal.  Larry shows our ability as humans to love someone…to greatly miss someone when they are out of our lives.  A reminder that being made in the image of God is not only having the ability to relate to the Holy One, but also to each other.  We are to grow in our faith communally…relationally.  Sometimes our communal growth is thriving and God-oriented…and sometimes it is dead and self-serving.  We are all Larrys.

Larry show us that we are all missional.  As we may have great empathy for Larry, admiring his deep love for his wife, there is still a natural saddness for him.  There is a sense that he is missing something greater that goes beyond the temporal and encompasses the eternal.  You can almost hear Jesus’ hyperbole when he ranted, “Let the dead bury their own dead.”  Like Larry, we all want to do what we want to do, creating our own mission towards the fleeting instead of the timeless mission we were created for.  We are all Larrys.


~ by Dave Smith on September 20, 2009.

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