Mice In Chapel

As an adjunct professor at a local Christian college I have the “priviledge” of residing on their faculty e-mail list.  And though the numerous e-mails I receive each day are usually quickly deleted, today I received an e-mail that made my day with the subject heading, “Mice in Chapel“:

To Whomever is Concerned,

At some point during the chapel service today, approximately 4 mice and 1 rat were released in chapel service. I wanted to assure the faculty at large that the Natural Sciences faculty were not in any way responsible for this action.

Two of the four mice were apparently stepped on and killed.  Some of the Zoo and Wildlife Biology students that were present collected the two remaining mice and the rat and have brought them to our building.

We have no idea who is responsible for the prank, but we are certain that the mice and rat did not originate in the Natural Sciences department.

Although we occasionally have white mice in the department, we have not had any white mice for several months (since May).  Furthermore, the rat that was picked up in chapel is a cream hooded rat, while the only live rats we have used in the department are white rats.

The e-mail reminded me of two things:  1) pranks like these are what I miss most about being a college student, and 2) when the most obvious suspects immediately claim innocence they unfortunately look oh so guilty.


~ by Dave Smith on October 9, 2009.

One Response to “Mice In Chapel”

  1. I’m sure you DO miss those pranks…but not to worry …you have your three boys to experience pay backs :>) :>)…..and maybe even Lucy will love pranks:>)…Do you remember a certain cow part you sent to a “friend”…these days I would be visiting you in jail for such a “prank”…what has the world come to ??? No sense of humor :<(..Your child can't even take a star wars gun to school for show & tell :<(….just rambling on now…love, Mom

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