Spiritual Thermometers?

As I was talking with a co-worker a few days ago, he mentioned he can usually tell the spiritual condition of a person depending on if they decorate their house for Halloween or Christmas.  According to his loose formula (which he admitted was loose), those that decorate their home for Halloween are typically “farther from God” in their spiritual formation and those that decorate their house for Christmas are typically “closer to God” in their spiritual formation.

During our conversation he was surprised to find out that my family decorates our home on Halloween night, to create a fun & festive environment for Trick-Or-Treaters.  We usually have an array of decor ranging from glowing skeletons, scary masks, carved pumpkins, and a video screen playing The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Upon hearing this surprising news he quickly asked if we decorate the outside of our home for Christmas too.  As we do decorate our home with the typical lights and evergreen trim, this put his mind at ease.  We sarcastically concluded the negative of Halloween and positive of Christmas balanced each other out, putting me at “nominal Christian status.”

So what do you think?  Do you typically find that a home’s outward appearance during Halloween and Christmas reveals one’s inward spiritual condition?


~ by Dave Smith on October 24, 2009.

10 Responses to “Spiritual Thermometers?”

  1. Is this a joke?

  2. I actually thought the person was joking too…but no. In talking with others, some agree. The more they thought about their neighbors who celebrated one over the other, the more they could determine their placement on the spiritual grid.

    I really never gave it thought, nor will I again, just throwing it out there.

  3. Gee..I never thought about that either … nor like you, will I again….But I would surely remind this fellow (co-worker) that we can not look at outward appearences ….even houses…..for spiritual conditions…..it’s what’s going on inside that counts….Your Mom

  4. To be completely honest, I would have turned the question right back on him. Something like, “If you think you, as a sinful human being, are capable of judging the spiritual condition of another person based on the decorations of their house — what does that say about your spiritual condition?”

  5. Yea, definitely pharisaical at its very root! And your question is right on.

    I guess I was surprised from the others I talked to assuming it was an accurate assumption, or at least the more they thought about it, it made sense to them.

    So that is why I was throwing it up to get further response.

    I am in agreement with you, just throwing the issue out there.

  6. Can you fire said person?

  7. Richard!

  8. But Rich, there’s more than one! 😮 It’s more contagious than the swine flu.

  9. Wow, they would think I’m a complete heathen. That’s just Christian superstition at it’s best. I wouldn’t even know how to respond- so, MAJOR kudos to you bro for containing yourself by not laughing in front of them at the idiocy of what they said.

  10. WOW…really? How sad 😦 Hate to think what that person might say about my family if they came to my halloween party and interacted with my guests…

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