Strategic Doing

strategic doing.001Today I had the opportunity to learn and then experience an interesting technique developed by Ed Morrison, of the Purdue Center for Regional Development.  The technique in which Ed has developed is a collaborative discipline called, “Strategic Doing” where mutual partners “think big and move fast” with initiatives.  According to Ed, we have moved past the bureaucratic “strategic planning” of hierarchical systems, and now must embrace the fast-moving, organic systems of our day.

The collaborative process that organizational partners must proceed through follows:

  1. What could we do together? (Where the people or organizations determine what assets or strengths they bring to the table.)
  2. What should we do together? (Where are the links in assets and how can they link them together?)
  3. What will we do? (What shared understanding will we collectively execute?)
  4. How do we learn together? (What can must we learn from one another along the way?)

A fast moving strategic process that moves you immediately from idea and hoped outcome to immediate tasks and defined roles.  It can be a real exciting process with immediate results if facilitated well.  Give these four questions a try sometime!


~ by Dave Smith on October 29, 2009.

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