Three new, slideware presentation tools that have been fun to use, while shedding some of the traditional, linear approaches found within PowerPoint and Keynote have been the following:

Prezi (Read about it in a magazine and have given three presentations with Prezi thus far.  Very cool visual feel.)

Vuvox (Discovered this program from a group of middle school students at the National Inventors Hall of Fame School.  A sharp look to it.)

iMindMap (A great mind mapping tool that also allows you to pull them into presentations, giving you a VERY organic feel and flow.)

Give them a try and enjoy!


~ by Dave Smith on November 19, 2009.

4 Responses to “Presenters”

  1. Prezi looks very interesting. Will give it a shot. I would like to see one of your Prezi presentations.

  2. Prezi reminds me of having an artist illustrate key points from a presentation or group discussion as it happens in order to reinforce visual takeaways (a fancier example as seen at ).

  3. Thanks Ben!

    Todd, I will try to get you a link. Mine definitely don’t compare to the examples given, as they are VERY well done.

  4. I like the feel of Prezi. Are you playing with the free subscription, or the paid version?

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