Elegantly Said

In Matthew E. May’s quick read, “In Pursuit of Elegance,” he outlines the key elements of elegance.  Taking his four keys, notice how they can help create more effective communication:

Symmetry: We have a natural mechanism to fill in gaps.  We desire a level of symmetry.  Allow your messages to have symmetry, but also strategically have placements of asymmetry, drawing your audience in to actively fill what’s missing.  Allow them to desperately seek symmetry.

Seduction: Further creative engagement requires the juicy art of seduction.  When communicating, don’t tell them where you are taking them.  Instead, capture the power of suggestion versus full disclosure, leaving something to their imagination.  Don’t feel the pressure to answer all the questions…allowing your ending to have partial closure, with a small window left open into the unknown.  Seduce your audience by nothing.

Subtraction: In reviewing your communication plan, take a second look and ask the question, “How can I add value to this message by subtracting?”  The key is to determine what you have to eliminate, in seeking to create the most eloquent communication.  Embrace the laws of subtraction.

Sustainability: Create systems that allow you to create a message achieving the maximum effect with the minimum effort.  Part of the messages maximum effect is its longevity in the mind & culture of our audience, fueled by relevance and contextualization.  Create sustainable solutions to effective messages.

The overlapping theme: less is more…yet be very intentional and strategic in how you navigate that balance.


~ by Dave Smith on November 26, 2009.

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