Holy Moses

When studying the leadership characteristics of Moses, we find that God took his usual steps in choosing the least likely to lead.   For Moses, he had the following things going against him:

  • He was an introvert
  • He had zero ability to delegate
  • He was a complainer
  • He was reluctant to lead
  • He had a destructive past
  • He had no previous track record in leadership
  • His wife was not a strong social asset
  • He was a poor communicator
  • He was too old

As we have heard that list before, it is also important to remember some of the strong or positive characteristics Moses had as well:

  • He was humble
  • He spoke face to face with God
  • He was faithful
  • He eventually owned his calling and role
  • He was an advocate for his people.

And so in the midst of some serious limitations and obstacles, Moses had just the right humility and submission to allow God to work through him in being one of the greatest change agents in history that sought to alter a people’s…

  • Lifestyle & diet
  • Responsibility
  • Security in leaving what they know
  • Trust in the unknown and where their next meal would come
  • To place their trust in an unknown leader
  • To alter their identity
  • The change their worship practices

Some helpful, leadership reminders to those unsure about their next leadership step.  Yes, skills and character are important, “needed,” and good…but sometimes God just doesn’t give a rip when he wants to see his plan through.


~ by Dave Smith on December 15, 2009.

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  1. Simple. Clear. Good.

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