Get Your Goals Going

As we approach the time of the year we like to set goals for ourselves, here are a few potential problems and troubleshooting steps to help keep your goals going and aligned (from Keith Ferrazzi’s book, “Who’s Got Your Back.”)

Mission Creep

Problem: You’re losing focus, spending too much time on pursuits that don’t advance your long-term goals.

Solution: You and your team review your strategic calendar and discuss your goals and the motivation behind them as a way to recommit.

Belief Gap

Problem: Failure to believe you’ll accomplish what you want is leading to a failure to act.

Solution: Sharing your goals with your partners to help you refine your vision;  if you say it enough times, you’ll believe it!

Skills Gap

Problem: Your goals require skills that you lack, and this is delaying or making it hard for you to develop your road map.

Solution: Your team can help you recognize and fill the gaps, via other resources or through additional education.

Third-Inning Slump

Problem: Your motivation is flagging.

Solution: Your buddies can offer you encouragement, support, and enthusiasm.  They can remind you why you are working so hard toward your goal, and help you to commit.  Or maybe they help you take a timed break—say, a week off—to rejuvenate.  But at the end of the week, they’ll come calling again (171-172)!

Charge forward with your goals, but notice one of the keys to success according to Ferrazzi is  “otherness.”  Don’t allow those goals to be private endeavors, but share them with someone else or a team of people to help with encouragement, wisdom, and accountability.


~ by Dave Smith on January 1, 2010.

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