At one time in my community, the Knights not only controlled our local media, but some of the largest print media avenues within the country.  After watching this 60-minute documentary, and then spending a few hours in some of the barren halls of the Akron Beacon Journal, it surfaced some great lessons in leadership and the current age print media finds itself within:  reinvent or die!

To view the documentary, click HERE.


~ by Dave Smith on January 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “Newsworthy”

  1. Regretfully I had to stop watching this documentary due to a committment but I did hear “It’s a story of what happens when $ becomes more important than journalism excellence”…..Could it be also what heppens in “The Church”…when $ and fear become more important than some new ideas and methods to reach the lost??…so that Matthew 28:19-20 (a command..not an option)can be fulfilled …whether it be next door, in Akron, or another country….???? I plan to tune back in later to see the whole thing.

  2. Yea, there are many parallels to the church world as well…which I find is typical since churches tend to “trend with the trends.”

    After Knight went “public” it definitely put them in a position of becoming “sell outs” towards quality journalism. This can sometimes happen not only when we look at the bottom line (in the church’s case noses and nickles), but also when we allow the “investors” to control our church’s strategy.

  3. So True…and so NOT how God intended….Church leadership MUST look beyond those “Noses and Nickles” (so well put – Dave) and indeed search out ways to reach the lost …not for the “nickles or nose attendence” but to grow the Kingdom!

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