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Below is a very solid prayer that my wife constructed based on various biblical passages.  A good tool to pray through every now and then to keep you aligned.

You God are the everlasting God.

You will not grow tired or weary.  You understanding no one can fathom.

You give strength to the weary.  You increase the power of the weak.

Give me strength.  Increase my power, I am weak.  Is. 40:28-29

God, you have chosen me and have not rejected me.

So I do not need to fear because you are with me.

I do not need to be dismayed because you are my God.

You will strengthen me and help me.

You will uphold me with your righteous right hand.  Is. 41:9

You will turn darkness into light before me,

and make the rough places smooth.

You will not forsake me.  Is. 42:16

You created me, God.  You formed me.

I do not need to fear because you have redeemed me.

You have summoned me by my name.  You are mine.  Is. 43:1

I am precious and honored in your sight.

You love me.  Is. 43:4

You have called me by your name.

I am created for you glory.

I am formed by you and made by you.  Is. 43:7

I am your servant whom you have chosen,

so I can know you, believe you and understand that you are He.

You are the Lord, there is no one after you or before you.

Apart from you there is no savior.  Is. 43:10

You will help me.  Is. 44:2

You will give me treasures of darkness,

riches stored in secret places,

so that I will know that you are the Lord.

You bestow on me a title of honor,

though I do not acknowledge you.  Is. 45:3-4

Even to my old age and gray hairs You are He.

You are He who will sustain me.

You have made me and will carry me.

You will sustain me and you will rescue me.  Is. 46:4

You will comfort me because I am yours.

You will have compassion on me, your afflicted one.  Is. 49:13

I can know that you are the Lord.

Those who hope in you will not be disappointed.

Help me hope in you.  Is. 49:23

Though the mountains be shaken

and the hills be removed,

though I am shaken,

Yet your unfailing love for me will not be shaken,

Nor your covenant of peace be removed from me,

You say this Lord.

You have compassion on me.  Is. 54:10


~ by Dave Smith on February 9, 2010.

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