2010 Break-throughs

In the Jan-Feb 2010 Harvard Business Review, they outlined the “Break-through Ideas of 2010.” Here are a two of the ten that I found most noteworthy:

Progress as a Motivator: When you interview managers about what they think motivates employees, and they will tell you about the need to show recognition for their work.  However, if you interview the employees, they will tell you that the biggest motivating factor is to see the company they are with and the work they are doing all contributing towards progress and movement.  Don’t be a manager the undermines progress or never has any follow-through.  Execute and broadcast your “wins” (44-45).

Embrace the Rule Breakers: When it comes to today’s technology, the younger generation understands the medium better than their managers.  As protocol can hinder efficiency, “company hackers” must be given freedom to work around the prescribed ways of doing things to in turn discover even more effective means.  As this applies not only to technology, but to other stifling operations and procedures that your company has built over the years, needing a “systems-hacker” to unveil for you (53-54).


~ by Dave Smith on February 12, 2010.

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