Big Head, Big Problems

A few days ago I noticed a graded storybook on the kitchen table that my eight-year-old son, Riley, created for school:

Intrigued by the title, The Enormous Head, and having a boy on the front page with a very large head appropriately leaning left, I gave it a quick read.  Surprisingly, I noticed that the rest of the writing and pictures were about a cat with an enormous head (yet the cat was drawn with a normal sized head).

So I turned to Riley and said,

“Riley, good job on your story about the cat with the enormous head.”

“Thanks, Dad.”

“Quick question though:  Why does the cover have a boy with an enormous head, but then the story is about a cat, just drawn in with a pencil.”

Riley replied, “Oh, Mrs. _______ came up to me after she saw my title page and asked me to change it to a cat since there are real people with enormous heads, and I could hurt their feelings.”

All of a sudden it began to make sense why the title page had a mysterious little cat quickly drawn off to the side.

Several questions then surfaced for me:

  • What about the cats with enormous heads?  Won’t they be equally offended?
  • Who are these kids in his class with enormous heads?  I have seen his class and I guarantee Riley has the biggest head, so maybe this was his therapeutic way of coming to terms with such a reality that he was robbed from?
  • When will we one day ban bobble heads from their insidious taunting of large-headed humans?

~ by Dave Smith on March 14, 2010.

4 Responses to “Big Head, Big Problems”

  1. LOL! Love the joke about enormous cat heads 🙂

  2. so are you already in the midst of writing a book or is that in the works… I hope it is… You have a flare Mr. Smith… You surely do.

  3. I am writing a paper with a good friend on Libertarianism and Christianity! Should be a best seller! 🙂

  4. Hilarious.


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