Tote Bags Gone Gospel

Yesterday, I was perusing my way through various exhibitors’ booths at a local, three-day Christian, educational conference.  As the majority of the exhibitors represent random forms of Christian educational resources through books, curriculum, and e-tools, there are a few booths present to sell assorted Christian trinkets & gear.

As the infamous & “catchy” Christian T-Shirts usually catch my eye (like a car accident on the side of the road), this time it was the latest in Christian fashion wear:  the Christian tote bag.

Below are a few examples of the tote bags on display, taken from my Blackberry:

I wonder if in Mark 11:15-19 when Jesus went on his righteous tirade and overturned temple tables…that these were the products being sold?


~ by Dave Smith on March 19, 2010.

6 Responses to “Tote Bags Gone Gospel”

  1. I cringe knowing I wore one of these in HS – Nike; Just live it, pray it, blah blah blah

  2. I don’t think these items are something that is really offensive to God. In the scheme of things, there are worse representations, much worse. It is how the person wearing it actually models the nature of CHrist that matters. On the other hand, re: WWJD, I can’t see paying $16.98 at the check out stand for a WWJD hat, bracelet, etc. when it could be used to actually feed someone.

  3. Another angle here is to note how the exercise of imitating a brand name forms the content of what you say about being a Christian. I’m especially struck by the tithe on: is it really correct that it give you cleaner soul?! Bottom line, though, is that it’s just tacky.

  4. Jane, I hear your point about it going back to the person wearing the product…and even their motives, but I wonder if we can still evaluate what methods are helpful and which ones are possibly destructive (though with pure motives).

    More thoughts on this subject of evangelism methods here:

  5. […] Tote bags gone bad (Incoherence – Dave Smith – ?) (really dig the last little thought.) […]

  6. Hi,
    Lovely bags! Great for traveling, shopping and also for school. It is great that your daughter is so appreciative for the time you put in to make them. As for the matching straps and liner–gorgeous!

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