A Tale of Transformation

Below is a personal story and baptism of a church member from a local, thriving church in the Akron area called Hudson Community Chapel.

Here are a few personal reactions in hearing her story and watching the baptism:

  • Story has power. The need for consistent personal stories of transformation within a church congregation is essential to show tangibility, as well as evidence that God is still active.
  • Love first. Unfortunately, many of our churches don’t allow you “in” unless you believe what they believe.  It is clear from this woman’s testimony she was allowed to freely come, express her views, and yet still be fully accepted in love.
  • Give time for truth to take root. Notice that her conviction didn’t come from someone consistently pounding her over the head with God’s rules…but simply through the teaching of God’s word and His desired alignment for our lives.  Knowing how some of my friends have been tormented by their homosexual orientation, I wish scripture allowed for it.  But since I am under the authority of God’s word, and through my personal study find Paul’s words to be divine and unswerving in this area, I have to submit to his teaching here, but do so with love, patience, gentleness, and growing empathy.
  • Symbols speak. As the visual symbol of baptism isn’t magical, it does visually and powerfully communicate what has happened in the person’s life:  death of an old self, rebirth of a new self in Christ.  You can also visually see this woman’s understanding of this symbol and the joy she has for God’s grace, redemption, and unconditional love.

Any other takeaways that struck you?


~ by Dave Smith on April 2, 2010.

One Response to “A Tale of Transformation”

  1. wow. that’s a great success story!

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