Getting Grants

I am currently serving on an investigative committee determining how to best distribute funds to several, non-profit organizations that have applied for a $20K grant.

As this is my first experience in interviewing organizations to see if they qualify for a grant, here are the questions that we asked (provided for us from a local, grant-writing expert):

  1. What services does your organization provide?
  2. Who benefits from these services?
  3. What do you hope to accomplish with the grant money?
  4. How was the program goals/objectives established?
    1. How will they be achieved in the timeline specified in the program?
    2. What priorities were established that focused on the goal achievement?
  5. Do personnel have adequate resources to (money, equipment, facilities, training, etc.) to achieve the goals?
  6. Is the program currently running?
    1. How long has the program been in existence
    2. If the program is a returning program, what are some of your successes
  7. Is this a new program?
    1. If new, how will your performance be measured
  8. How supportive is your board and in what way they support the program?
  9. Describe the support you receive from volunteers that are not board members
  10. What is the general process that clients go through with the program? [or] How are your clients selected?
    1. What do you and/or your clients consider to be the strengths of the program?
    2. What does staff consider to be strengths of the program?
  11. What is the budget?
    1. What are the other sources of funding?
    2. Will the program go forward if you do not meet your funding goals
    3. What are your plans for sustainability?
    4. Did you or would you consider collaborating with any other organizations?  How?

For anyone seeking to acquire a grant, hopefully this will be a good measuring tool on what information to provide.


~ by Dave Smith on April 11, 2010.

One Response to “Getting Grants”

  1. Currently do a lot of rant reviewing and some writing in my current job. It’s a fun process!

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