Kids & Cultural Clashes

My 8-year-old son Riley was sitting in the car next to me as we were listening to The National‘s new and stellar CD, High Violet.  Before we turned off the car, front man, Matt Berninger, sang out one of his many lyrical lines of perfection:

I was carried to Ohio in a swarm of bees

I’ll never marry but Ohio don’t remember me

When we broke to silence Riley turned to me and ask, “Dad, why don’t I understand what he is singing about.”

I replied, “Because it’s poetic.”

Upon which Riley quickly remarked, “Does poetic mean things that don’t make sense with crappy music?”

Normally, such heresy like this would be dealt with swiftly and without mercy…however I simply smiled and poked him in the stomach, knowing he’ll eventually thank me for exposing him to the one day “classics.”


~ by Dave Smith on May 22, 2010.

One Response to “Kids & Cultural Clashes”

  1. About a year ago, as a part of a wholly less digital lifestyle, I decided I would try buying more physical albums and do less digital downloading. My intent in this particular matter was to have a good collection of music to pass on to my children.

    However, at no point in time did it cross my mind that my children may very well hate my music.

    Alas, here’s to exposure!

    They’ll get it someday.

    The finest of wines cannot be appreciated when one has only begun to discover what wine is.

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