Teaching Variations & Student Outcomes

Below is a well developed thought from pastor and educator, Jeff Martel, regarding the responsibility of both the teacher and learner within the classroom environment:

It may be argued that the teacher would be relinquishing the use of his giftedness (teaching) by allowing others to utilize their own areas of giftedness.  This, however, is simply not true.  The goal of the teacher is not to have communicated accurate information.  The goal of the teacher is that the students learn and become wise.  Wisdom “consists of judicious use of information to enrich life (Crenshaw 1998, 152), or in other words, true knowledge put into practice.  In ancient Israel wisdom, not knowledge, was the goal of teaching.  “A person could be both knowledgeable and foolish, but no one could be wise and foolish….The mere gathering of information, however valuable, did not make a person wise, for the truly learned individual gave the teachings flesh and blood” (Crenshaw 1998, 152).  It is the same today. Teachers today are not to be merely disseminators of information.  They facilitate the acquisition and accumulation of wisdom in their students and should use the best means possible to accomplish this.  Sometimes this may mean taking the role of expert and constitute more lecture to clarify points.  Other times other group members will take the role of expert and build up the class through their wisdom and experience and the teacher becomes more of a facilitator.


~ by Dave Smith on June 28, 2010.

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