Something To Rave About

Recently I was reading “Delivering Happiness” by Zappos‘ CEO, Tony Hsieh.  It is an entertaining read discovering the background, life, and key experiences that have shaped Tony and the core values of Zappos.

One of those experiences that fueled “community” and “team” into his corporate value system was the rave experience.  As Tony has a deep rave history, he explains one of his first experiences:

As someone who is usually known as being the most logical and rationale person in a group, I was surprised to feel myself swept with an overwhelming sense of spirituality—not in the religious sense, but a sense of deep connection with everyone who was there as well as the rest of the universe…

As I tried to analyze what was going on in more detail, I realized that the dancing here was different from the dancing I usually witnessed in night clubs.  Here, there was no sense of self-consciousness or feeling that anyone was dancing to be seen dancing, whereas in nightclubs, there was usually the feeling of being on display somehow.  In nightclubs, people usually dance with each direction.  Everyone was facing the DJ, who was elevated up on stage, as if he was channeling his energy to the crowd.  It almost felt as if everyone was worshipping the DJ.

The entire room felt like one massive, united tribe of thousands of people, and the DJ was the tribal leader of the group.  People weren’t dancing to the music so much as the music seemed like it was simply moving through everyone.  The steady wordless electronic beats were the unifying heartbeats that synchronized the crowd.  It was as if the existence of individual consciousness had disappeared and been replaced by a single unifying group consciousness, the same way a flock of birds might seem like a single entity instead of a collection of individual birds.  Everyone in the warehouse had a shared purpose.  We were all contributors to the collective rave experience.

A fantastic picture of not only our innate spiritual fabric to worship and commune (as well as a worship service I one day hope for!), but also a challenge for every corporation, team, and community in achieving deep collaboration and collective oneness.


~ by Dave Smith on July 18, 2010.

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