Car Quotes

On our way to Chicago there were lots of interesting conversations.  Here are two for public viewing:

This conversation took place about 2 minutes after riding away from our Akron home:

Lucy: Mom, if dad died would we still move?

Jen: No, probably not.  I think we would just stay in Akron.

Lucy: Guys, let’s kill dad.

This conversation took place upon driving through the city of Chicago:

Jen: Being here makes me so thankful to God that we were able to do this before the babies arrive.

Lucy: Why?

Jen: Because it just makes it much easier to have babies in a more stable environment where you don’t have to disrupt their patterns…like breast feeding.

Riley: Mom, does this mean you are going to have your shirt off a lot in the house?

Jen: No, but they do make shirts with holes that I can unbutton to breastfeed.

Conner: We just reached a whole new level of “creepy.


~ by Dave Smith on August 19, 2010.

3 Responses to “Car Quotes”

  1. umm wired

  2. Creepy is right. But that’s hilarious! Smitty, I’m sorry I missed all your going away parties and never got to tell you—congrats on your new role and we’ll miss you!

  3. LOL…miss you guys!

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