Creature Comforts

Some nice new videos from Yeasayer and MGMT both involving the small little creatures that tie us down:

As I officially start a new position today, it is a reminder that for successful transition to take place, I must strategically let go of the past and embrace the imperatives of my new context.  As Michael Watkins states in The First 90 Days, regarding job transition, “you must make the mental break from your old job and prepare to take charge in the new one.  Perhaps the biggest pitfall you face is assuming that what has made you successful to this point in your career will continue to do so.  The dangers of sticking with what you know, working extremely hard at doing it, and failing miserably are very real” (12).

But those ol’ habits are hard to break, so hopefully God will provide added grace in releasing what’s essential.


~ by Dave Smith on August 31, 2010.

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