Behind The Birthing Scenes

As Dylan and Yorke are two little studs, their entrance into the world was nothing short of easy.

Following the suggestion of the high-risk doctor, we decided to bring Jen into the hospital on the evening of August 31.  Following some preparations, she was then given her Pitocin on the morning of September 1.  The “real” process then began with consistent contractions, epidurals, monitors, etc., until she was finally ready to deliver at 2pm.

Due to possible complications with twins, all twin deliveries occur in the operating room, where she was then transported.  However, for all of the doctor, nurses, and technitions waiting for delivery, it was SLOW moving.  There was about 2 hours of pushing before Dylan entered the world, and then another hour of pushing for Yorke to finally make his way through.

All in all, it was a hard but good day, as we’re grateful to God for these two new, and every unexpected additions to our family.

Below are some rated-G video highlights, with the ending scene making me chuckle as I was apparently making matters worse deciding to video tape the very discomforting “afterbirth purge” (lovely!).  I promise not to make that mistake next time!  🙂  (That’s right, four more to go for Dave & Jen Plus 10!)


~ by Dave Smith on September 3, 2010.

5 Responses to “Behind The Birthing Scenes”

  1. I seriously have laughed my hiney off when you get her snapping her fingers at you ‘Stop IT! ‘ I have watched it more times than i care to admit.The fact that she is letting you still share a life together after your antics is a testament to her love for you! HA! So grateful you shared such a wonderful thing with us…I think Mark is very happy you put the humor in too because it stops me from sobbing… Missy was here when I got home the other day and she and I watched it together, me for the 1st time… Riley? Talking like he did? Goshers….what a lovey… Alright…I’m done…just so full of MUSH for you guys you’ll never know………….

  2. Thanks Susan.

    I am so thankful that others are now able to see the abuse I frequently go through. Her snapping and snarling is only the top of iceberg.

    You are one of the few who can read behind the lines of this post. Yes, there are some precious moments and some humor…but hidden beneath the surface of this video is a cry for help.

    Many of you know about Jen’s lacrosse and field hockey background with her tenacious power and use of heavy sticks. Let’s just say she has taken things from the playing field into the home.


  3. Dave, you are just wrong on soooo many levels. Still miss you guys like crazy!

  4. why am i bawling watching this? maybe my own post-pregnancy hormones? maybe i feel for jen w! a camera on her? maybe i just miss your precious wife.

  5. Dave. I know of a good battered husband shelter in Chicago. I can only assume that after the finger snap and the “STOP!” that Jen grabbed the camera and beat you relentlessly. Take pictures of the bruises now so that the judge will believe it. You don’t have to take it anymore!

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