Fight Clubbie

As Tyler Durden would be proud to watch this “Cain and Able” altercation between the twins, it definitely brings to light what kind of brutality went on behind the scenes in Jen’s womb.  When Jen would say, “I think they’re kicking,” little did we know that they were “dropkicking.”

In this first out-of-the-womb bout, Dylan walks away winning the round; however, Yorke shows signs of resilience and stamina amongst hard-fought blows.


~ by Dave Smith on September 6, 2010.

One Response to “Fight Clubbie”

  1. Great blog title! I love the sound effect. I think you’re onto something. We could start our own MMA league called Baby Fights. Obviously, twin fights would be the headliner, but there’s money to be made here!

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